The Growing Challenge for the IT companies in Delhi- HR

june 1, 2018

The Delhi and NCR region is one of the most densely populated in the world as per 2018 now and the absolute number of people is also not less matching any city in the world. However with still so high figures, there is a growing concern of the right work force in terms of the Information Technology compared to some of the other growing IT hubs of the country like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and more. Despite the same, there is an alarming rate of growing concern among the global companies abroad who are outsourcing a humongous amount of IT work to India are facing the problems of job shifting tendencies of the tech savvys. They hire a new company with the top niche coders or developers working on a project and by the time it is half way through or carving the way for a new order, the task force starts finding way to relocate in other companies for a higher pay roll. The result, the companies and the sourcing ones, lose the confidence in the whole system Not just the previous order but also jeopardize the chain of growth prospects. It also encompasses the whole culture of the country or at least the city against the stability and long term growth issues.

The action: First step

The is probably the main reason now the companies in the NCR are looking for a stern HR policy and also an equivalent HR task force who can curb problems related to quick shift overs. At the same time keep looking for more and more new techies for not just new orders but as an alternative or a backup. The companies are spending a big percentage of money in making the office atmosphere healthy and also increase the interest building a more interesting and life value addition ambiance including fitness centers, play areas and specially the appetizing corners of the company. Free cafeterias of light to heavy refreshments to even boozing evenings are gaining more fashion to maintain higher retention of the task force. There are corporates or now even the few small scale companies who take road to the outstation trips for a higher rate of amalgamation of the task force and force them to give a second thought before they switch over to another company. For the one who find good team partners have proved to better retention of the staff.

However, this is leading to a negative scenario build up as well leading to competition among the companies themselves to not just retain their own people but also give lucrative offers to others to dislocate them from their present.

What it does further? Raises the cost price. Something what the IT product manufacturing companies used to offer the salaried, just their salaries and a small percentage of overheads after the rent or the capital investment, now they have their pockets spending more on the extracurriculars. And all for more and more orders.