The Web Designing Fraternity refines its services to a more redefined UX/ UI Designing.

May 2, 2018

Like all industries of the world, the field of Web designing is evolving year after year. Different designers, developers, visualizers, project and product managers keep specializing in their specific domain rather than taking the responsibility of all. The ancient Web designer cum graphic designer cum developer at first segregated to a graphic designer, web designer and a web developer. And now the graphic and web designer segments have paved for a specialized job roles of User Interface, Visualizers and a complete User experience role in the industry.

With a graphic designing job giving way to a more specialized UI designing, concentrating on the elements and behaviour of user browsing and interaction with your interface, the visualization has a more leverage on the fonts, graphic part, color schemes and the look and feel of the website or a mobile app or others. The previous same scope of work was collectively defined under the heads of graphic or a website designer.

Out of all one of the most talked about and outshining job role is the UX Designer or to say the User eXperience Designer! This job role is actually more of an amalgamation of a research cum planning plus customer support and a part of a business developing cum retention job role. The UX designer is dedicated for the overall success of the project in terms of value and purpose of the project. The designer starts off from a research of the project including many to and fro questionnaire with the users or the customer, understanding the main role or need of the project. Success in terms of the usability of product with a great value to everyone including the user and the promoter. The designer after the research or questionnaire prepares the complete sketch, wireframing, flowcharts of the product and then with the exchange of ideas gives the adequate details and parameters to the UI designer to provide an appropriate mock up of the website. There after the role of the UX designer is extended to the coordination with the front layer developer of the website with the HTML/ CSS or other framework coders. Some terminologies are now extending from the UI designers to UI developers where the job role defines the coding part of the front layer as well. In the end the UI designer tests the product they have made with user interactions, taking their feedback and then updating their product with necessary alterations whatever and wherever necessary. Though of course the budget and time constraints do play their part in the same and can lead to the lifecycle of the product to continue or end at a particular time.

Like many other fields, the field of designing is also getting more and more customer centric, providing a more customer or user friendly service and even defining of precise roles accordingly. The roles above have a growing leverage on not just understanding the users or the clients more closely but also asking them to interact and listen to them more to give them a service or a product that is a more close to their satisfaction.