The role of good designing in SEO

March 27, 2018

The main aim of Google or many other search engines whether following in competition or thinking and building of their own is to consider the user, i.e the end user who is coming to a website in search of some information of any kind. Earlier the user came to a website he would fetch his piece of information and had time to see the website’s grandeur where he had landed. He had time to leisure around to see what that website had to offer more along with the piece of information he came there looking initially for. However the scenario is changing. With the world moving from the times of playing 5 days test cricket to a compact high intensity T20 match for a few hours is much in trend. Users come to the website pick up their information and close the window. Hence it is more of a challenge now to retain the user. Alongside Google takes into account now these parameters to promote the results relevant to the search query. Whereas it is very important that you give the client, the information he is looking for straight on and that he does not hit the back button and go to another site, it is also very important that after giving that piece of information what the user is looking for, you retain him on his site some way or the other.

Holding the user with HTML5 and CSS3 effects

The site design and its effects can play a major role in retaining the user to the site for a longer time. Just a few glittering or animating effect that moves at the background can catch the attention of any user for a moment. The user is even prompted to scroll down most of the times to see what does the rest of the page has to offer. If the information is good and presented in a good way with proper design aesthetics, you can improve the retention thus SEO of your webpage. The aesthetics you can use are proper color combinations, usage of right fonts and white space. Precise manner of content presentation with various design elements like art works and vectors. Graphics and artworks like icons help transform larger amount of information to the client in a much short time.

Animation is a good source of developing the interest of the user. Building the interest can often retain the client to even minutes after the delivery of the main content. The developers around the world are taking advantage of various latest technologies and effects to make the animations much lighter and the teams are developing storytelling mechanics through the mode of animations and videos for such purposes.

One of the proven techniques to add on to the retention of the users on the site and take a more active part is asking them to connect socially some way or the other with them. Creating an interesting animation or a video is great however if you can invite the user to share the same to his social circle, you are not just asking him to stay a couple of minutes more on your site but also asking more visitors.

Thus it is rewarding in more than one way to make your webpage more attractive through the various design aesthetics and techniques.