Anticipating Google’s next move in the year 2019?

March 20, 2018

It is just the year beginning and Google is giving its search assistance firm hands and feet to talk more effectively with its users. Inspired or to say imbibing one of the most prestigious competition from Apple’s Siri, Google had to cope up this segment and explore the possibilities of something new and something one step ahead its competitor in this field. Google Home with its voice assistance is one step towards this direction or to say a start much needed. Not to mention is the advantage of the versatility of the platforms of adaptation to all players or makers of the market increases its market and challenges its counterpart Apple to rethink its own domain restrictions on the loyal customers. Connecting various devices at home or other places with the Google voice assistance is a user’s paradise. Calling to switch off the bread toaster in the kitchen while in the swimming pool is the new luxury of life.

But what in terms of search?

The online world is now giving options of choosing among the various websites for a particular product or service like Trivago.com is a website that gives you option of choosing the same hotel from different websites that offer to book it, after comparing the price or various small ventures now coming up with small time portals comparing the same product among the major portals Flipkart, Amazon etc, One anticipation we all think off is that Google would now present this service of comparing the same service or product among different websites that offer the same. So for example of you are looking for a Philips Iron machine of a particular model or even otherwise and you search for the same, instead of Google giving you the option of asking you to shop in its domain, it should give the users the option to compare the prices of that same product on their favourite portals and compare it right there on the Google Search Engine page itself and then route the traffic directly to reduce the time for the user to keep opening up the different tabs for the same product on different websites.

Google has already started doing the same in the hotel industry in the maps segment​, however, ​we anticipate that it should now start doing that up more profoundly on the main page itself The key reason for Google to take this step is to reduce down the user’s effort of finding a particular item. For sure, it must be calculating the number of tabs a user opens when he searches for a particular item and then he closes all to continue with one. By reducing the users effort to compare all sites for an understandable reason, Google should yet again go one step further from its competitors. Branded Goods, particular models, regular items, unbranded grocery items, Flight bookings, Movie Tickets, Transportation, Buying new and used vehicles and more. Even p​rofessional services being ​offered by various service professionals like​ barbers​ or physicist etc so that they ​could register themselves up with Google soon and when someone comes in search of them, Google would list them separately with pricing in a more structured manner

The days are about to come however with day in and day out advancements other search domains are following the leader and the leader is moving at a much faster speed. Hoping this all comes for the good of the ultimate user, we hope to see many more advancements regularly.