The stage set by Google for the search land competitors!

March 19, 2018

After taking the search to all new levels year after year, the big techies of the world and specially the online search rivals like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and more are assuming what could be next on the cards for Google to take the world by a surprise in the coming year 2019.

Search along the location

The major experience changes over the past years by the leader is to incorporate the search results with the map listings favoring the local listings for the users to have the option choosing something that is more close to their area and which made sense to many after the users who were looking for a service or the next step business consolidation after searching for them, ​preferred those results which were physically located more close to them. What Google did on top of that was that it did not completely change the entire first page results with the map listings however it gave a snippet of a view above the standard organic listings only in some searches which were predefined to be of interest to the user. It was like a small business or a service center which the user wished to visit after searching them or those general other services which had branches and the user could choose any. Alongside in the successive versions, it completely dominated the market in this sector when people or other mobile apps and companies relied heavily on the Google Maps app/ software. The search results of businesses and places were imbibed along with the routes and geographical locations.

Standard Information- Self Generated, Quickly

Another smart move that came to a surprise and a dismay to the various SEO or resource websites was when Google took over their website traffic by providing immediate information for many small and quick answer demanding queries on top of the various search results then and there. Yes, I am talking about those queries when people came in search for a conversion of a standard metrics to another; like how much is 1 Kilogram into pounds and similar. Google flashed the conversion metrics right there on top and the user did not have the trouble to see the fine line meta title or the description or to visit the respective website maker’s website to get the answer. The answer was provided in a much clean and a standard way for the users to get that at an amazing ease. Later the master also brought airline schedules, movies show times and even travel assistance self generated information and many more similar information right on top. Helping people with translation, display of video results and shopping are just an amalgamation of the various other Google channels in the Search Engine Ranking pages. It did not demand any special approvals for the heads.

Apart from the big advancements, Google has also introduced various kind of search supplements like shopping assistance, book/ document search and more. Creating a one stop destination for more and more new users day by day. The other many competitors are still finding ways to follow or cope up with the algorithm updates but fail to catch up the speed of the leader.

So what’s next by Google in the year 2019?